Web Page design

I've been creating web pages since 1997, and my past and present customers include real estate companies, newspapers, antique dealers, restaurants, historic inns, motels, boat yards, and many other types of businesses. I am savvy in all aspects of the internet, including marketing/SEO, hosting, handicapped access, and I can provide your website with award winning photography, design, and graphics. My services are reasonably priced, I am easy to get along with, and I am ready to help you to make your online presence memorable and attractive, whether it's upgrading your current site or creating a brand new one, so please contact me by email to get started!

WebCam Consulting

If you want to see some real return on your online investment, may I suggest a webcam for your business? We offer a full range of services, from consultation to ready-to-go systems using the best in video technology customized to your particular needs.We've built webcams and systems that are in use all around the country, from Texas to Maine. Please send me an email and let's talk it over!


Example web pages:

The Webhannet River Boat Yard
Mutley's Kennebunkport Photo Gallery
Southern Maine Beaches
Anne Erwin Real Estate